Resort Life: Hilton Grand Vacation Resort

When we went to Hawaii in january, we did the timeshare trip. You know the one? The kind where you are invited to stay for cheap and watch a 2 hour presentation on vacation club ownership. I have a Hilton Honors membership and they offered me a 5 night stay for $699 at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. On a whim, way back in June of 2015, I bought it. Originally we planned to go in the fall, but with the new teaching job I moved our trip to January (for a small fee).

  our room

 view from our balcony

We almost never stay at resort type locations because I am so thrifty. I stay more at Hampton Inns and Hilton Garden properties to save some cash (and give my family a free breakfast). But a while back for mother’s day I stayed at a Loews and loved it. I decided I deserved a little resort life.

Amenities we took advantage of:

 On site restaurants:

When we ate on the property, we ate most of the time at the Tropics Bar and Grill next to the beach. I enjoyed their happy hour. There are multiple restaurants with different foods and prices. The cheapest one had take out pizza and food I didn’t want in Hawaii. There was a Starbucks on site that we used for early morning coffee on the way to the airport, but we also tried the other coffee shop (that also had amazing ice cream) on site. There are a lot of choices on site.


There are several pools on the property with an ability to order food and drink poolside. Yessss. Getting lounge chairs by the pool can be competitive, but I prefer a chair a row or so back so I don’t get splashed by kids. The only bummer about the jacuzzi was that it was adjacent to the kiddie pool and frequently had a lot of kids in it. I don’t mind kids, mine are just grown so I don’t need to hang out with lots of them.

Fireworks on Friday:

Okay, we didn’t really see these. Because the guy at the timeshare presentation said we would be able to see the free Friday firework show from out balcony. But we could not. At all. You really need to be down at the beach to see it.

 Starlight Luau:

Fun luau, but not the best luau we had ever seen. We enjoyed meeting the people at our table. It turns out Dec/Jan is a popular time for Australians to visit Hawaii. The luau is on the roof of the parking garage, and we could actually hear it from our balcony on other nights. The food was okay, but the performances were good. The best out of all three we have seen is Paradise cove.

 Free movies:

One night we decided to get a movie and chill in the room. We were so beat from our busy day out and waking up at 4 am (time difference), we thought relaxing in our room was in order. When you check in, they give you a card to access the dvds and then you return them the next day.

We enjoyed our Hawaiian stay. The staff was extremely helpful all of the time. The grounds were clean and everything was beautiful.  All in all, the resort is a very convenient way to visit Waikiki. The last time we came to Oahu was 11 1/2 years ago. So much has changed in Waikiki, we almost didn’t recognize some parts. We did a lot of things we hadn’t done previously. I think if we had younger kids all of the amenities would have been appreciated even more. Renting movies for kids, the food options, the pools, club penguin for kids, etc. But as a couple who enjoys exploration of new places, a resort isn’t as necessary for us. But we loved our pool lounge time, charging drinks to the room, and the pineapple salsa nachos (minus the pork) at Tropics Bar and Grill. And honestly, in terms of Waikiki hotel locations, the Hilton  Village is in one of the best spots. Great access to transportation and beaches. The one thing I wish I would have done, was morning yoga at the resort. But the morning I was headed out, I was digging in my suitcase (under the safe in the closet) and hit my head on the in room safe. Hard. So I gave up on yoga.

I am so glad we got the chance to revisit Oahu and enjoy time together. Have you been to Hawaii? Do you love resort life?



Hiking Diamond Head

Diamond Head crater on the island of Oahu, is from a volcanic eruption that occurred some 200,000 years ago. The view of the outside of the crater, as seen from Waikiki,  is an iconic image used in many images of Honolulu.

For our first trip of the new year, my husband decided to head to warmer weather. I know your thinking, but California is warmer weather. But the day we left, El NiƱo storms were settling in. We traded rain for 80 degree weather. On our trip, we decided to hike Diamond head.

We did not rent a car on our trip, but taking TheBus from our hotel to the park entrance was easy and only $2.50 each way per person. We walk in the park on an easy ascent and paid a $1 fee to enter.

The hike would not be as easy.
Hiking Diamond Head is best done early. There is some shade along the hike but it got pretty hot and humid. You should wear appropriate clothes and bring water. Wear hats and apply sunscreen. I saw some people who looked unprepared in flip flops. The dirt trail can get slippery and I don’t how they managed.

At the top, there was a tunnel that came after a strenuous ascent. If you are claustrophobic, that tunnel may be a challenge. The top can be reached by a very steep staircase or a slower ascent with stairs and switchbacks. We chose the slower ascent, which was still a good workout.

We rewarded ourselves with shaved ice after we came back down. There is a burger food truck that has the only food in the park for sale. The people who run it are super friendly. When we approached tired from our hike, they handed us cool, wet napkins.
I am so glad we included this adventure on our trip. The reward when you reach the top includes amazing views of the ocean and Waikiki. Plus you have the shaved ice waiting for you at the bottom.