Creative Blocks

The end of January is here and my video work is meh, not much. I really was having a hard time being inspired and focused on video content. I think winter blues and worrying about things got in my way.

One thing I did learn is how to easily make vertical (mobile) videos in Canva. I made a video every day on my phone documenting my Vegan January. These short videos are all about ten seconds or less, multiple clips, edited, and set to music. Sometimes I added typeface. This skill will be good when we head to Europe for our 7-country trip. I’ll be able to quickly put together clips and share a little bit about our travels each day. I’ve got it in my mind that I will try to post a video each day. Editing a longer 10-minute video every day seems daunting so I think the short-form video will help me keep that goal.

Sometimes I think about how other people would be much more results-driven and crank out work in this monthly creative project. But I find that I only seem to get so much done. I still have work and chores around the house etc. It does make me wonder how people have full-time creative jobs. I went on a little trip to California with my writing club ( we meet online) and we spent the first 24 hours talking and talking. And then we sat down and did some creative work. I did a little writing for a story idea I’ve had for a while. So far it’s not amazing, but I am trying to figure it out. But in general, I am still trying to go with the flow a little bit for creativity.

The February project is going to be crochet. I’ve ordered some supplies and I am starting with a lesson to make coasters. From there I hope to move on to something like a blanket or a scarf. The coasters are to learn the basics before moving onto something bigger.