College Road Trippin


This December, with the school break, I decided to embark on an inspirational trip with my youngest. Just mother and daughter, driving through California, checking out the colleges she may attend. She has had anxiety about the important life decision of going to college and pretty much did her applications at the last second. None of her friends are planning to go away to college. They are all planning to attend the local junior college. I was hoping seeing the campuses would help her imagine herself there. 


First stop was my oldest apartment. She was under the weather so we brought her soup. I checked out her refrigerator and it wasn’t as unhealthy as I thought. 


After visiting with my sick kid, we headed to the central coast to see CSUMB. All of the schools she applied for have great mascots like banana slugs, sea otters and anteaters. My husband and I want sweatshirts from one of these schools. The tours were stressful for her. Partly because we were the only ones on them. Apparently no one tours schools right before the holidays. That makes my daughter uncomfortable because the focus is completely on her. But in the end I think was a good thing because she got to ask anything she wanted.



Dorm rooms with a en suite bathroom???? Bonus!


Banana Slug territory.


Morning coffee/hot chocolate in Santa Cruz. I had my daughter play navigator a lot to help us find what she wanted (like In N Out).


Walking around Capitola. This colorful houses can be rented. 


Katie chose for us to drive back along the 101, through Morro Bay. We watched the sunset over the ocean. I think in the end, the trip was a success. I think she got a taste of a life that she can picture herself in. And I think she knows which school she would rather attend. That’s one of the reasons I love travel. It lets you imagine yourself in a different life than the one you live now. You literally see yourself in a new place with new possibilities. 

2016 will bring new things to all of us. I will send my youngest to college. I will finish my Masters. My husband and I will visit an island we have never been to before. Our stepson will do an internship with a congressman. My oldest will apply for a program in the UK. Who knows where we will end up. Whatever 2016 brings you, I hope it is more of the life you want for yourself.


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