Life Seasons

Dear Internet, 

 A few years back I was trying to make plans with a friend and her kids were little. It was hard to find a time to get together and impossible to do without kids. She said “This is just the season I am in.” Perhaps people are wrong about midlife crisis as a description. People move into a midlife season. And part of that season includes seeing


and recognizing the potential in your life in a way you hadn’t since you were young.

5 thoughts on “Life Seasons

  1. I started my family so late by the time the kids are big I will be nearly 60. How nice to be so young and to have the world ahead of you now that your nest is empty. Imagining the possibilities must seem endless.

  2. Absolutely! I wanted to do EVERYTHING! Travel, learn, rest, try new things. By the time I get my time back, I hope I have the energy to live a new life all over again.

  3. You know, this is about right. I’m at a stage in my life, right now, where everything I work on, commit to do, is blanketed in the “will this work with the kids” mold.

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