Making Room for Joy

I’ve been working a lot, every weekend and Monday through Thursday a lot. One of my friends, during a discussion on professional development classes, said that I am always going somewhere. He said it because I told him I am going to Canada in June, so I can’t take a class with him. I replied back with the fact that I have 3 jobs. And one day off a week. So, yeah, I need some time for travel.

So far, this year I have gone to NOLA and Vancouver. One with my husband and the other with the best travel girlfriends a person could have. We had a great time and they made me laugh so much.

We did touristy things like visit Granville island, visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge, and shop in the city center. We also ate at cute neighborhood markets, had afternoon tea in neverland, visited a whiskey bar in gastown and laughed so hard we cried. We watched women’s Olympic hockey in a Canadian bar, and we were the only people cheering for USA (and USA won!).

I’ve known these girls for years. We are completely different. We don’t have the same beliefs and politics. But we were all teenage mothers who lived on the same street as single moms. We are connected by a shared experience and our continued friendship is an amazing kind of sisterhood. When I returned, I really reflected on the joy they bring me and how grateful I am to have them.

Remember to find joy with the people in your life.

2 thoughts on “Making Room for Joy

  1. At one time in my life, I was of the opinion that, if you didn’t find joy in something, you should avoid that one thing. Sure, there were things you *must* do – everyone needs a job, but it shouldn’t be something from which you don’t receive some measure of joy.

    I don’t know if I still believe that – there are things you purely for the ability to enjoy the things which provide the greatest joy. I mean, nobody should work a job which they absolutely hate, or that causes physical harm – but a job “just to have a job” is fine, I think, as long as its enabling what drives you in life.

    Sounds like we might be of very similar mindsets.

    1. I’ve always thought I would never work somewhere I hated. And I even left a career for something more satisfying. But working in a new field means I need experience for my resume. And having kids in college means I need money. Lol. So I have 3 jobs. But I definitely don’t hate the things I do.

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