Hotels and Wasps

Right now we are getting new floors, new paint and a bunch of other things done while we get ready to sell the house. Because of that, we are staying a few days in a hotel. But we are not enjoying this stay. It isn’t Ventura, that’s for sure. Our bathroom smells like someone has been smoking in it. We are only minutes from our house and we have been driving back and forth constantly. We go back to see the progress, talk with the people doing the work, check the mail, let the dog run around more, etc.

It’s a little bit of everything happening all at once. The amount of things we are juggling is crazy. Will’s in school. Did I mention that? So he has online homework. I have a new job that starts Monday and I am currently waiting for a computer to be delivered to work from home. And of course with all the work being done little surprises come up. Leaking refrigerator. Broken garage door spring. And it’s all more $$. We are trying to balance getting a good sale price but also not by spending too much of our money to get there.

Just before we began out hotel stay, I was stung in the lip by a wasp. The HOA had someone out redoing the trim on the outside and they power washed a wasp nest onto my balcony. I didn’t know this and I headed out to clean the balcony before the inside work got started (it was covered in ash from the fires). As soon as I opened the screen door, angry wasps flew up and at me. One landed on my upper lip while of course freaked the hell out, and it stung me. It hurt like hell. I took a Benadryl. After that I couldn’t do anything but lay down while trying to ice it.

Will and I are definitely stressed and getting a little short with each other. Mostly we have to choose to let things go. But after this is…a lot of uncertainty. We know we are going to Washington but we aren’t 100% sure. Will has applied for license but it’s pending. He’s looking at jobs but without the license, he can’t actually work. The Canada process is slow. They rejected my official copy of my birth certificate because there was no seal on it, even though that’s how that county sent it to me.

But in the back of all this, we are excited about the future. It’s a weird kind of excitement. Anxiety and excitement.

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