Election Night

Last year, I was pretty negative about what the outcome would be. My husband really believed it would work out. But I didn’t. But even though I thought Trump would win, there was still anxiety while I watched it happen. Anxiety while the news tallies and projects and zooms graphics across the screen. Last time I was in grad school in getting my Masters. I was in an online class switching back and forth between tabs and private messaging with classmates. We were extremely stressed and disheartened.

This year is the same. I didn’t have high hopes going in. I did my civic duty and voted. The whole family voted. I’m not in class, but the anxiety is ever present. We are watching #vanlife videos but we both are inevitably dooms scrolling through results. The most upsetting part is being constantly reminded how little people care for the well being of others. How callous they can be. How racist they are. You really hope people will do better.

Wherever you may be, I hope your doom scrolling isn’t alone and I hope you have someone nearby.

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