6th Month of Creativity

March was kind of a bust in terms of planned creativity. I was thinking of doing audio recordings and I even sketched out a plan but I wasn’t very inspired. But it wasn’t a complete bust. I went to the thrift store and found 4 skeins of yarn. I had one left over blue one, so I decided to make a small blanket.

I also made 2 videos. And I started working on a little embroidery.

For April, I am taking a watercolor painting class. It’s a little different because I am not working on it at home, only in class once a week. And as usual, the first class was hard. The water color class is a little different from embroidery and crochet in that I am not making a functional item to use. I really enjoyed making things that were items that were also functional. The paintings 🎨 are just art for arts sake.

As I reach the end of the 6 months I think I’ve learned to be more accepting of the difficulty that comes in the beginning of a new skill. I have also enjoyed making a variety of things and have thought about my creativity differently. This was a good experience overall through these six months of cold weather and uncertainty about the future.

Share your thoughts!

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