Beautiful Prague 

I met up with my husband in Prague. I was so excited to see him because I missed him after two weeks. But two weeks in Munich on my own reminded me that I am pretty independent and capable. I spent the two weeks alternating between Can you believe I am doing this?! to What hell am I doing? Like swinging from having a fun adventure to what am I doing with my life.? But I had a few conclusions about some things that had been nagging me. I was able to resolve some inner conflicts I had. And I improved my German skills. 

(This image is the line that separates western countries from other countries. It was at a gallery with the theme Universal Hospitality)

Once we got together in Prague, the pace I had every day rapidly changed. My husband on vacation is all go go go. He doesn’t want to mis anything. So we went.

We walked like 9.7 miles a day seeing castles, churches, historical sites from communism, art, and ate a lot. Prague wore me out from traipsing around on its cobblestone sidewalks and up & down its hills. 

(the river views were amazing)

By time we got to the end of our time in Prague, I was ready to slow down. Especially after spending two weeks on my own, moving at my own pace without meeting anyone’s needs but my own. I got used to getting up at 5 or 6 and doing some German homework, making breakfast and coffee. Then I would get dressed and go to class, and after that I would do whatever random thing I thought of or heard about. 

But when you’re with someone who showed up with an itinerary, your lazy days are over. It was fun though. We saw a lot of things. I really enjoyed the art we saw at the Meet factory far from the center of town. I especially like the little French wine bar we found near our Airbandb, Na Brehu Rhony.

The one downside to Prague is the lack of friendly customer service. We did our best to learn a few Czech things, but it did not make us endearing to waiters or waitresses (except at the French place, the owner was soooo nice).

(The dancing house)