Menu Highlights from NYC

When we went to France, I wrote about this realization I had about the food. More specifically the cafes. Prior to the trip, I would see articles or pictures of cafes on corners in France and I would make a mental note of it. Because I imagined when I was in Paris, I would eat there. When I got to Paris, I realized those cafes were pretty much on every corner. And with that volume of cafes, I didn’t need to remember specific ones. There was good food in so many places. It turned out to be a choice of which good food we would eat in which neighborhood on a particular day. 

In large cities, like Paris or Los Angeles, there is no shortage of good food. And there is also some amazing food and some crappy food. I think we tend to worry, especially with social media these days, that we will end up with crappy food if we don’t go to the places that instagrammers or bloggers tell us to go to. But there is still so much good food. 

In New York, I didn’t end up at most of the places I wrote down as recommended by other people. But I ate so much. And some of it was amazing, a lot of was good, and a few things were meh. And I didn’t even scratch the surface. So next time you’re in a big city. Don’t worry if you miss momofuku or that amazing tiny food truck everyone said was THE best. You will still be able to eat well.

Things I loved in NYC

Irving Farm Coffee

I always enjoy a good coffee, in Grand Central, you can get some at Irving farms

Little Collins

Still loving the avocado toast fad, and along with my amazing latte, this was a good stop on our first day in the city.

The Russian Tea Room

The Russian Tea room was totally worth it. We did the pre-theater meal and enjoyed every course including this delicious dessert. This was a highlight of my trip. The great service, the good company, amazing food and topping it off with Fiddler on the Roof! Perfect.

Urbanspace Vanderbilt 

Loved this market near our hotel with all Brooklyn based companies selling yummy foods. 


Sometimes you gotta do the touristy thing and line up for cannoli. 


Also, I love a little Paris if I can get it. And I tried their financiers to compare to my homemade ones. I decided that I did a good job. 

And that isn’t even everything we ate. We had Shake Shack (the line was insane-the line for seating crazier), Magnolia bakery (too dry) ate Mexican food at the Chelsea Market (not authentic quesadillas ) and more. But even the food that wasn’t the best wasn’t crappy. 

3 thoughts on “Menu Highlights from NYC

  1. I find that I concentrate on corner delis, bakeries, and pizza places . . . especially in highly residential areas. Any place that manages to stay around for awhile in the city, well, there tends to be a reason.

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