Done, I Swear.

You know how Facebook shows you your memories, and you get to see what things you posted 1,2,3, 4, even 5 years ago? Well it turns out most of my Facebook posts are about school. For like the entire time I’ve been on Facebook. Which is like 8 years. Because since I have been on Facebook, I have studied and earned 3 degrees. Yep. 2 Bachleors and now my Masters. And lately I keep seeing all of these posts from years past about school (which I mostly loved) and how much work I was doing. It made me realize a few things. 

First, I’m pretty impressive. 3 degrees? And a full time job 6 of those 8 years (part time for 2)? And kids? Wow. I can sure accomplish stuff.

Second, man am I tired of school. No, I swear. I LOVE school and learning, but man am I over studying. I want to do other stuff. Like bake. Or cook. Or exercise. Or read for fun. 

And last of all, I am still trying to figure out what’s next. My youngest just finished her first quarter of college (yay!). And I am working on my résumé. And I have two Europe trips planned. But other than that? It’s not entirely planned out, which is usually pretty stressful for me, but I am mostly relaxed about it. People at work keep asking me what I am doing next, what do I want to do next, and I have no solid answer. Classmates have asked me if I will do a Ph D. I don’t know. I am covering someone on maternity leave for the next 4 months. That’s the extent of my plans. Maybe we all need a little uncertainty once in a while. 

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