When your kids become adults, do you change?

This new year has definitely been a redefining process for me and my identity. It’s not that my kids got older and I changed completely. Our lives are multifaceted and dynamic, so the changes were there happening slowly. But this was definitely a milestone that causes a person to reflect and reevaluate. I spent a lot of time this last year wondering what I was going to be doing and who I am. And that reflection, combined with a change in life circumstances as well as a change in world circumstances has catapulted me into a new place. 

Case in point:

Lisa the activist went to DC. 

The issues I care about have become increasingly more important and my desire to act has also grown. I have also found myself respectful to others and their beliefs, but less afraid to speak about mine. I am who I am. My faith, my experiences, and my education have brought me to this.    So what am I rambling about? I finally feel my constant reflection and wondering what’s next is actually morphing into something.

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