The Longest 3 Weeks

I need a vacation.

Didn’t that just seem like the longest 3 weeks of any presidency? 

So my best friend and I are headed to Europe. So far, our 8 day adventure is costing us less than $700 each. The ways we saved money on our trip include and error fare from NYC to Europe for $149, points for cheap or no cost hotels, and Airbnb stays. 

We have a night in NYC before heading of to a part of Europe I have never been. When looking up travel guides that include Serbia, there seems to be some debate whether it should be called Eastern Europe or Central Europe. Lonely planet says its eastern.

We are going to experience a few different things on our adventures.

  • Plane and train travel 
  • 3 different currencies
  • Traveling to a place where less English is spoken
  • Food, food, food
  • Thermal baths
  • Cold, February temperatures

See you when I get back! Until then, enjoy the view from my parking spot!

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