Upcoming Travel Plans: Um….

I spent all my money. Europe in May 2017 was a great adventure and I really enjoyed it. So many great experiences. 

But now, I’m out of money. I basically had two months of no work. So back to work I go. And it’s definitely hard to go back to work after two months off. I’m sure school teachers feel similar. I know, I know. I am privileged enough to travel for a whole month and not work for two months. Do I even deserve to complain? Yes, I can hear myself. And I remember being poor, so I am very grateful. 

But I also knew I wanted a change. I have worked pretty hard to get my kids the life they have and make sure I didn’t live in poverty. And now, I want to do more of what I want. But it takes money. So back home and back to work I go. But now my work is only in education. My next time available for any serious vacay is when other people are going too, between semesters. Instead, I’ll be at home walking my new doggy. 

Next trip: move my kid back to college in Sept?

One thought on “Upcoming Travel Plans: Um….

  1. Let me know what you’d like to do on Sunday! Is a halfway point do-able? Would you like traveling to Oxnard? Should I go to a favorite spot of yours with the kiddos? Hit me up!

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