Creative Inspiration: how making things makes me think of making more things

A little late but I finished my crochet blanket.

I was late in finishing because I ran out of yarn and was waiting for a delivery. But now-it’s done. This month, I’ve found myself thinking up ideas for embroidery projects while doing the crochet work. I have a few ideas for projects that I think would be fun to make.

This month is audio storytelling. I’m a bit behind because of the delay in finishing the blanket. I have some ideas sketched out, but I think I need to start with research. A few months ago, I thought I would make a multi episode series on a topic but I have realized over the last few months finishing is consistently a challenge. So I think I will do research and work on a particular story arc or story I want to tell. And from there I will begin with episode 1. It might be the only episode.

One thing that has been interesting is the moving from one creative project to the next, while still thinking about the last one. Or the one before. Hopefully I will come back to these other ideas. The experience has definitely generated creative thinking.

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